Company Summaries

ArcSource Consulting Inc.

Cloud-based technology, managed backups, consultation and training.  

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 121

Berkeley, CA94701

Phone: (510) 843-2010



California Family Health Council (CFHC)

Champions and prom­otes quality sexual + reproductive health care for all. We achieve our mission through an umbrella of programs and services including clinic support initiatives, provider training, advanced clinical research, advocacy and consumer awareness. CFHC partners with a diverse provider network that collectively serves more than one million women, men and teens annually at nearly 345 health centers in 42 of California’s 58 counties.

2550 Ninth Street, Suite 203

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 647-0632


California Invasive Plant Council

Cal-IPC's mission is to protect California's lands and waters from ecologically-damaging invasive plants through science, education and policy. We work closely with agencies, industry and other nonprofit organizations to support research, restoration work, and public education.

2550 9th Street, Suite 201

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 843-3902


California Wind Energy Association

Trade Association -- is an association of wind energy companies focused on the California electricity market.  CalWEA advocates fair and appropriate grid-integration, market, and land-use/environmental policies on behalf of its membership before California’s legislature and energy agencies.  (CalWEA is not involved in wind technology development, wind company business issues or public education.)

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 213-A

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 845-5077


Chanler Law Group

The Chanler Group represents citizen enforcers seeking to promote awareness of toxic chemicals that people are exposed to in their everyday environments and to remove those substances known to cause cancer or reproductive harm from consumer products. The firm also represents whistleblowers in cases concerning the False Claims Act and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 214

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 848-8880


Charles Debbas

Charles Debbas established Debbas Architecture in Berkeley California in 1989 quickly carving a niche as an architect whose work is fluid, well proportioned and non-traditional. Routed in minimalism it takes as its inspiration Japanese architecture and the words and works of Louis Kahn, Le Corbusier, Luis Baragan and Industrial Designer Luigi Colani. Charles’ work attempts to capture the spirit of each project individually staying clear of trends or solidly anchored styles of Architecture, allowing it to embrace genuine and timeless solutions in exploring clients’ aspirations and the infinite realm of creativity.

2550 Ninth Street, Suite 210B

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 549-3711



We are a national skilled trades staffing company providing skilled trades people to a broad range of contractors, and rewarding employment opportunities to a qualified workforce. We recruit and hire the best and brightest trades people around, then match them to each contractor's specific job requirements.  We were founded in Berkeley, CA 26 years ago and today employ about 5,000 skilled trades people on a daily basis.

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 218

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: 510-883-0669


Community Partners International

For 15 years, Community Partners International (CPI) has provided training, mentoring and technical resources to local leaders and organizations in remote, conflict-affected and underserved communities in Myanmar. We focus on evidence-based public health and clinical care initiatives through innovative partnerships with local health clinics, backpack medics and village-based health workers — often providing the only source of health services in their regions.

2550 Ninth Street, Suite 111

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 225-9676


Connections Communication

Provides seven day per week/24-hour live operator call center services for medical practices, government agencies, businesses, and organizations.  Here's how it works: We provide a unique toll-free telephone number to each client to call-forward their line when they are busy or unavailable to receive calls. When a call comes to us it is answered by an operator and processed in accordance with each client's instructions. We receive over 12,000 calls a day consisting of routine messages, information giving, reservation/order-taking, and emergency calls requiring immediate action.  A fully automated system receives and distributes calls to operator workstations. Custom programmed screens guide the operator taking the call based on each client's instructions. Clients receive messages several ways including e-mail, text, fax, and direct personal notification.

2550 Ninth Street, Suite 113

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (415) 431-4803



Frame of Mind Films

Frame of Mind Films is a leader in the production of stories that impact our human condition and challenge our global conciousness

2550 Ninth Street, Suite 104

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 356-4195


Environmental Vision

Provides specialized planning and design consulting services which address the aesthetics and public perception of environmentally sensitive projects.  The firm has extensive experience in preparing visual impact and design studies for a variety of projects located within sensitive and scenic viewsheds throughout California and the western United States. The firm's technical approach integrates computer-assisted visualization and communication tools with systematic analytical methods. Capabilities are enhanced by advanced computer applications including high-resolution visual simulation, three-dimensional modeling, shadow modeling, graphics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Environmental Vision computer simulation techniques provide a powerful tool for project planning, design, evaluation and communication.

2550 9th Street, Suite 205

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 540-4882


Focusing Research

We provide seminars (in-person and by phone) and print, audio, and video support materials for people who want to live stronger, calmer, more fulfilled lives. "Focusing" is a unique mind-body awareness method that people can learn to bring into any life situation.

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 315A

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 225-0690


Gould and Hahn

The Law Offices of Gould & Hahn represents the full spectrum of professionals licensed by the State of California. While the firm provides services for licensed individuals in every aspect of their professional needs, from obtaining a license to selling or purchasing a business and employee matters, a large part of our focus is in the area of defense of licensees when they are the subject of agency actions.

2550 Ninth Street, Suite 101

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (800) 428-2207


Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates

Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates is an independent consulting firm that provides cost-effective, high-quality services for public agencies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, charitable foundations, and health care organizations. Our mission is to support and empower organizations to create a more healthy, educated, equitable and just society.  HTA’s areas of expertise include place-based initiatives, K-12 and higher education, workforce development, justice reform and re-entry, mental and behavioral health, community schools, and youth development.

2560 9th Street, Suite 211

Berkeley, Calfornia 94710

Phone: (510) 559-3193


IO Informatics

A software and services company providing data integration, search and visualization tools for global customers including FDA, top 10 Pharma Companies, and leading research hospitals.

2550 Ninth Street, Suite 114

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 705-8470


Labyrinth Learning

We publish easy-to-use textbooks that empower educators to teach complex subjects quickly and effectively -- and enable students to gain confidence, develop practical skills, and compete in a demanding market.  Then we add extensive instructor support materials, the eLab learning management and assessment platform, and convenient customer service to create true learning solutions for instructor-led, self-paced and online courses in community colleges (including credit programs), corporate training, continuing and community education, career and technical education, and high schools.

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 320

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (800) 522-9746


Law Office of John E. Gutierrez

Transactions involving commercial, residential and industrial property; including purchases and sales, leasing, landlord-tenant, financing tax-deferred exchanges; land use and development (permits and entitlements), condominiums and land subdivisions, tenancies in common (TICs), easements, property tax assessments, property management.  Transactions involving formation of business entities (partnerships, corporations, LLC's), small business purchases and sales, small business investments and financing, and business contracts.

2550 Ninth Street, Suite 202

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 647-0600


Mal Warwick/Donordigital

Mal Warwick | Donordigital has grown from one person holding a vision to change the world by raising money for nonprofits–to a full-service, integrated fundraising and advocacy agency serving leading charitable organizations from offices in Washington, DC and the San Francisco Bay Area.  With over 30 years of proven experience we have enabled our clients to raise well over $1 billion dollars in support of their work through our exceptional strategy, award-winning creative, and insightful and actionable analysis. We embrace that no two clients are the same. We know each has its own distinct challenge–but each needs to raise money and engage their constituents to fulfill their unique mission–and that is where Mal Warwick | Donordigital delivers day in and day out.

2550 9th Street, Suite 103

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 843-8888


Muscle Fish

A software engineering group that develops the core technology for Audible Magic (  Audible Magic is a leading provider of services for automatically recognizing content such as music, movies, TV shows, and ads, in online or broadcast media.  The Muscle Fish office also serves as the office for the editor of Computer Music Journal, an academic quarterly from MIT Press, and for one of the founders of The San Francisco Tape Music Collective.

2550 Ninth Street, Suite 207B

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 486-0141


Norcal Structural

NorCal Structural, Inc. is a Specialty Engineering company providing services for the development of 3D/4D/5D BIM/BrIM Modeling, Structural Engineering and Structural Detailing for Bridges, Buildings and Industrial Structures.

2550 Ninth Street, Suite 206

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 550-7512


One World Futbol Project

Our mission at the One World Futbol Project is to make a meaningful impact on the lives of youth around the world through the One World Futbol, a virtually-indestructible ball that never goes flat and never needs a pump. Our goal is to bring the joy of soccer and play to youth in disadvantaged communities so that children can be children no matter where they live.  The One World Futbol Project sells the One World Futbol directly to institutions, companies and non profit organizations, as well as to individual consumers through a “Buy One Give One” model. For every ball bought by individuals at retail, the company donates a second ball to organizations working with disadvantaged communities around the world. The One World Futbol Project distributes balls through a growing network of organizations serving youth in harsh environments around the world, including refugee camps, conflict zones, disaster areas, inner cities, and other disadvantaged communities.

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 319

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 984-3225


ReThink Media

ReThink Media is a unique, non-profit organization focused on building the individual and collaborative communications capacity of nonprofit think tanks, experts, and advocacy groups working toward a more constructive US foreign policy, the protection of human and civil rights and a healthier democracy.

2550 9th Street, Suite 209B

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 845-5789


Skillful Means

Skillful Means is a design & construction firm with decades of experience in healthy, natural and efficient design.  We believe that a good design takes the qualities of the site and blends them with the needs and aspirations of those who will live there.

2550 9th Street, Suite 209B

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 849-1800


STAT! Systems, Inc.

Develops and supports Q.D. Clinical EMR, a comprehensive and affordable electronic medical records program, purchased by thousands of physicians nationwide over 23 years.  Q.D. Clinical is compatible with tablet, voice recognition, and wireless technologies. 

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 317

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 705-8700


STE Consultants

STE CONSULTANTS is reaching new heights using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Our mission is to use ABA to create meaningful behavioral, social and academic outcomes for persons with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities.

2560 9th Street, Suite 219

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 665-9700


System Insights

System Insights is a leading global supplier of manufacturing operations management software in both machining-based, discrete manufacturing as well as process industries.

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 123a

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (855) 846-2100


The Beat

The Beat offers the East Bay community at large, young people, adults, seniors, children and families the opportunity to learn diverse dance art forms - including Rhythm Tap, Salsa, Tango, Afro Cuban, Jazz, Samba, Zydeco, Zumba, Ballet / Pilates, Brazilian, Modern, Urban Contemporary, Tai Chi Chuan, Tap and Swing dance for kids - creating pathways of creativity that lead to a sustained sense of accomplishment, direction, physical fitness and cultural community building.

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 119 

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 843-2328



The leading membership organization for engineers, system administrators, scientists, and technicians working on the cutting edge of the computing world. USENIX is widely known and respected for its conferences, print magazine, and its commitment to open access.

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 528-8649


Ville et Village

We are an agency offering vacation rentals in France and Italy. In existence since 1992, we've been highlighted in Travel & Leisure, Condé Nast Traveller, Arther Frommer's, and other travel-related publications. Rentals are often one week minimum, except for our city rentals where some offer a minimum of 3 nights.  In France our rentals are in Paris, Provence, the Riviera, the Loire Valley and other regions.  In Italy, we have rentals in Florence, Rome, Venice and in the countryside in Tuscany, Umbria and other regions.


Westside Café

Westside Café has served Berkeley’s vibrant West side community with pleasure and care since 1986. We feature California Comfort Food; it is thoughtful, seasonal, and delicious, served in a warm and casual atmosphere. We also offer fresh-baked breads & treats.  Our beverage program is equally inspired, and includes a rotating wine list, premium microbrews on draft, original and classic cocktails with artisan spirits, and a complete espresso bar.

2570 Ninth Street

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 845-4852


Westside Family Chiropractic

We focus on working with people of all ages using a large combination of therapies including Deep Tissue Work, Craniosacral Therapy, Instrument and Gentle Adjustments to treat the daily aches of everyday work and recreation. We work in a family friendly office with patients from different walks of life all committed to keeping ourselves physically enjoying life as much as possible.

2560 Ninth Street, Suite 313

Berkeley, California 94710

Phone: (510) 843-5700